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Seller guarantees all items sold under this contract are authentic. If any item is found to be counterfeit, there will be a $50 Return/Authentication fee and the item will then be returned to the seller.Seller agrees to immediately return any funds issued for such items.


Majolie reserves the right to set the price on all items. Consignment estimates are based on average sales prices on similar items but it is not a guarantee on future payout amounts. We will determine the amount paid based on comparable prices for items of the same or similar style and condition. 


Fees are as follows:

$3,000.00 and below; Consignor receives 70% of sale. Majolie receives 30% of sale.


$3,001.00 and above; Consignor receives 85% of sale. Majolie receives 15% of sale.


If the item is not sold in 30 days, item may b discounted as follows;

  • After 30 days, item will be discounted 10%
  • After 60 days, item will be discounted 20%
  • After 90 days, item will be discounted 30%


Sellers are paid via the selected method of payment on their account. The buyout amount paid is based on inspection of item received.



Seller agrees to accept the buyout price offered in this contract. If Seller requests that any item be returned and not sold, Seller agrees to pay a $25 Return/Authentication fee per item. 

This agreement shall have a 90 day term and may be terminated by either party by giving a 10 day written notice. Any unsold merchandise will be returned at the end of this term.